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September 4, 2012

The Rhodesian SAS (Part 1)

The U.K.’s Special Air Service needs no introduction to anyone remotely interested in Military History. However, there is much more to learn about this Elite unit when you trace its existence and influence across the once worldwide British Empire. Much of the power of the Brits influence derived from its colonies and their stock of available military recruits. Even today, Australia and New Zealand have kept the title of the SAS for their elite units.

After the end of WW 2, the government saw no further use for the Unit and disbanded it in October of 1945. Within a year of that decision, a reversal was made and they resurrected the SAS from their Territorial soldiers and continued training for future conflicts on the horizon. In 1950, Britain committed to help the U.N. stop the aggression of Communism on the Korean Peninsula. After 3 months of preparation, 21 SAS was given orders to Korea. During this same time period another problem arose in a British administered country, Mayala, that suited the Units capabilities.

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  • Txazz

    Great article and am working my way through the rest of your series.  Nice this site shows 'related articles' as I'm finding more and more.  Rhodesian SAS is fascinating.

  • stx

    One of the best books on the Rhodesian SAS is: The Elite: the Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service (Sadly out of print but still available on Amazon). It goes through the whole history of the Rhodesian SAS from its battles in Malaya until Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. It includes both Colour and B&W.


     @formwiz  @DominiqueSumner  the Rhodies version of the Cockleshell heros will make an appearance in a later part. Great stuff.


     @Ben K Well, 4 more parts to go. It gets better. I chose these units because they get left out of alot of conversation on elite units. Unfortunately, when you write about certain things there are people who want to make issue over politics rather than focus on the soldiers who mostly give a rats ass about the  politics and want to do their job. This audience on sofrep gets it though.


     @JackMurphyRGR  @Ben K I'm waiting for it too. Just the cover makes me excited. @Jack Murphy has challenged all of us to a higher level of action mixed with authenticity and Big thinking.