October 13, 2012

War Stories: 5th Marine Regiment Bell

Aug of 2011 my Plt of ANGLICO Marines (JTACS/FO’S) were going out to the lovely San Clemente Island for a few weeks for a CAS shoot. But on the days leading up to our departure we were staying in 2/5’s barracks on Pendleton as transients.

The Plt took boats out to the island a day earlier then my team because we got saddled with the job of throwing a HMMWV on a C-130 and flying it out there(an experience in itself) so we had an extra day to party and enjoy In and Out burger . If your familiar with the area then you know the giant bell posted outside of the regimental HQ , well we wondered if anyone was ever clever enough to ring it and not get caught (this was thinking brought on by booze).

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  • shooten

    Great story.  Made a long day at work tolerable...

  • JKiller

    We used to make our boot pigs ghillie up and ring that bell late at night. Never had anyone get caught. One pig was made to do it naked. He didn't get caught either.

  • Corey326

    sounds like my days back in 2nd ANGLICO! Good post, especially the most classic part of all.... "What do Marines do when duties are yelling at them? We took the fuck off.." Couldnt of said it better myself

  • JWARD1112

    As a KC-130J Loadmaster, I love that picture!

  • Trango

    LOL, great post.