November 3, 2012

War Stories: The Explosive Goat

Going into some of the most dangerous parts of the West Bank is often a surreal experience. It can be dangerous, it can be eye opening, it can be frustrating and more often than not all of the above.

The IDF operates under a lot of stress. On the one hand they are trying to deal with some of the worst terrorists in the world and their constant trying to infiltrate Israel in order to blow themselves in school buses, schools, shopping malls and cafes, on the other hand they want to help maintain peace in the area and allow those that do not engage in terrorism to live their lives. The terrorists play with this and often use innocent civilians as a way to try to infiltrate through a checkpoint.

Sometimes the intelligence guys provide solid intel and some of the worst case scenarios are stopped before they are put into play. This means going into the buildings and chasing those individuals or groups.

In one occasion we were pulling security over a building providing support for another operation when a goatherd and 15 goats appeared on our AO. There wasn’t anything wrong with that, goats were semi-normal in that area and after a quick scan we focused back on the building we were surveilling.

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  • ufridman

    @Contagio Thanks man. Yeah, I helped train Marines in CT and urban warfare both in Israel and here. Tough bunch, gotta love the Marines.

  • Contagio

    I am a big fan of the IDF.  Buddy of mine (USMC Desert Storm) was in Israel and said the folks he dealt with were some certified badasses....that's major props coming from him.  Great article Uri

  • McPosterdoor

    Uri is the best, he's got a million of 'em. Bad mofo.

  • usapatriotonthemove

    Dang, that's crazy.  Great story man!  Freak'n unbelievable.  Creative Fckr's no doubt, glad the "good guys" won that one!  Nice Job!

  • Recon6

    @StormR  @MarineFO  @jrexilius  Stormy, you know we encourage people to comment and offer myriad suggestions to elicit great Intel.  This kid is just trying to get Anyone to reply to him!  Remember a previous problem person, the best way to handle them is simply to ignore them?  Granted the previous person really Brings great Intel and seems to abide by SOFREP standards. It is hoped this kid will eventually grow up, if not, he will be bannned.  ....6