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October 31, 2012

The Benghazi Debacle

Rather than doing a typical article consisting of my own verbal diarrhea, I figured this write-up from the New York Times article was full of much more gut-wrenching interesting information that I could use to provide some WTF?! additional commentary and insight. I will do my absolute best to keep the sarcasm to a bare minimum, but it is nearly impossible after reading this article. Also, be sure to take note of the article title. Not exactly the conclusion I reached, but it is the New York Times.

Let’s begin…

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Like what you read? Tips give us writers another way to support our lives and families! Blake is a former Army Special Forces soldier who spent time at 1st Special Forces Group and 20th Special Forces Group. He's currently doing any number of things, all angling towards world domination (one of the benevolent dictatorships!).

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  • Senor Les

    "STRAC POSTURE" was non-existent. This concept would/will insure incidents of this nature never occur if embraced. [email protected]

  • seamusoshit

    I think you (the author) meant that security and our footprint are directly (positively) related. I'd even go so far as to say that these two factors are exponentially linked--the more security, the more exagerrated our diplomatic footprint becomes. I personally don't have a good answer to the problem of protecting our personnel in shitholes such as Libya. The bottom line is that the US walks a fine line when placing diplomatic resources in these places--too much of a big stick and our presence seems hegemonic in nature, while not enough of a big stick leaves our people looking vulnerable. Sadly, in this case, it left our people stretched ridiculously thin, and we all know what the outcome was for those who were left high and dry.

  • AME1 MJH

    This reads like a lead into a situation that got a lot of  US Mariens in Beirut in 1982.

  • Rogue1

    According to this there were no asstets within range. It also states that the orders to move assets to Sigonella were given about 3 hours after the attack started. Options were not presented until 6:30 pm EST. Formal deployment orders were not given until after 8:30 pm EST. Could those 3 hours have made a difference in assets arriving before the fighting was over? Could they have made it in time to make a difference if routed directly to Benghazi rather than to Sicily?

  • Rogue1

    Now Fox challenges the CIA...