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November 5, 2012

Phony Navy SEAL of The Week: Arthur James Dicken

Also joining Don in this episode is our mutual friend and teammate, Randy B. For those of you who don’t know, Randy was one of  the combat swimmers who planted explosives on Noriega’s boat in Panama. BOOM! Note to Arthur: These are the last guys you want to fuck with.

Brandon out.

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    We can all hope that he is arrested for Fraud!  He has swindled people out of nearly a million Dollars! He should be in Jail and a judge should freeze all of his and  his wife's bank accounts!

  • TheShooter

    @DocSully  @TheShooter Hey Doc, thank you for your service. You're right, they were awesome then as they are now, no better men i have ever spent time with than those guys. I would have loved to been around them more, but I was there to train them on some new electronics, so I didn't get nearly as much time with them as I would have liked to.

  • DocSully

    @TheShooter I was a Blackshoe Corpsman in Specwar for 7 years in the 90s.  This after the fleet and Marine Infantry duty.  The SEAL Community is incredible.  Don Shipley is quintessential especially his humor.  In the 90s before SOCOM The teams was like being part of a pirate.  We were on first names and all the "normal" military proticol was rare and mostly not taken seriously.  I wasn't a SEAL and was amazed by the respect I was given by these warriors.  Career Team Guys were as curious about the fleet as I was about the Teams.  I love Navy SEALS.  They saved my ass

  • CFG300   BOOM.

  • AdamWelch

    @junkmailstop777 you seam to have more current Intel, follow your own advice.