November 9, 2012

The Grey Area: Why SEALs, & Other SOF Guys Secretly Consult

Update: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the founders were former Public Affairs Officers. I have been in contact with MUSA management and they have informed me that none of their consultants were SEALs involved with the recent NSW Non Judicial Punishment (NJP). I had another source who claimed MUSA involvement but I have no reason not to believe them based on recent dialog. With that said, I owe them an apology.  I’ve updated the information below and will include updated statements if/when they come in. 

From MUSA MGMT:We confirmed w our former client (have the written correspondence to prove it) and he let us know that none of the 7 came through us. We actually have no idea which entity made the coordination to bring those guys on.”

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About the Author

is a former U.S. Navy SEAL with combat deployments to Afghanistan, and Iraq. During his last tour he served as the west coast sniper Course Manager at the Naval Special Warfare Center. He is Editor-in-Chief of, a SOFREP contributing editor, and a New York Times best selling author (The Red Circle & Benghazi: The Definitive Report). Follow Brandon on Facebook, Twitter or his website.

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  • SEAL76

    SEAL76 That option was not open to us when I got out (right after Vietnam). You could apply to the CIA which I did and they said thanks but no thanks. There were a few mercenary options like South Africa, Angola and Rhodesia. These guys are actually lucky to have the options that are open to them.

  • Allwet

    Unions have NO place here.

  • SEAL76

    Armed Forces personnel are used and abused. When they are done with their tours of duty the government would rather they just go away. Pay sucks, benefits are not spectacular and retirement pay is disgraceful.

  • SEAL76

    I am done with the UNION conversation. Some are bad and some are good. As for Governor Chris Christie of NJ, while I know that this is hard to believe, there is much more there than meets the eye. Witness his ass kissing of Obama when he came to NJ after Hurricane Sandy.

  • operator61

    @SEAL76  @ptd175  @majrod I spent a short time as president of my local federal LEO union and found that I mostly represented officers from corrupt managers.  Those officers that screwed up were required by law to be represented but in those cases I basically just ensured that their legal and civil rights weren't violated and advised them to get a lawyer.  I would not go out of my way to protect a "dirty" officer.  On the other hand I've seen officers accused of being dirty that weren't and officers being set up to take a fall for political, administrative  and personal reasons by higher management.  Unions at the local level can serve a good purpose, but I have no use for national unions.