November 10, 2012

Happy 237th Birthday USMC

As I sat down to write this year’s Marine Corps Birthday post, I was struggling. I realized that what I wrote last year is exactly how I feel every time November 10th roles around – overwhelming pride and overwhelming sadness. Here’s my post – Happy Birthday Marines – Semper Fi!

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  • seeingtoomuch

    My wonderful first love was one of the greatest Marines & he loved every day till he retired(but that is still Who he is). I also lost agreatfriend in Vietnam

  • JamesDenny

    237 years ago.......a few good together at The Tun Tavern......and the brotherhood of the Corps was formed. Semper Fi, Devil Dogs!

  • Riceball

    @StormR  @IS1FiveO You'd be surprised at all of the creative (alternate) definitions for USMC that Marines have come up with. Here's a couple more, U Suckers Missed Christmas, and U Signed the Motherfucking Contract.

  • IS1FiveO

    @Old PH2  Hats off to Old BM1 too.  Those beach masters had stones.

  • IS1FiveO

    @Old PH2  Yep.  I carried an M9 and had an M16 locked up somewhere.  When they busted my chops about not carrying the M16 around, I told them not to worry cuz if I ever needed it they would all be dead already.