November 17, 2012

War Stories: An EOD Tech with an ODA

In late 2007, my team mate and I were attached to an ODA team from 3rd group. The mission was to drive south into the Tagab valley that the French were in charge of. It would take us a day to get there and at least a week in the valley itself.

From the way we loaded out the truck, it was going to be one hell of a week. So we began to get to know the team guys and get schooled up on how they expected us to fit into the team. I was pretty glad to learn a few things from the pros.

As a little bit of back story, this was my first deployment. I was all of twenty years old. At this point I had run a handful of IEDs and been involved in some IED strikes. but had never been in actual contact.

Rules to Live By

So we make it to the valley and take up a blocking position for another ODA team that had started a mission on the other side of the river. Pretty uneventful. Got to watch a few JDAMs drop but that’s about it.

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  • eod1286

    Bravo2three8fivei just now saw this comment. since your said its your board, i know who you are. i have two bad ass pics of you firing the carl gustav. you can see the shock wave and dust from it all

  • Bravo2three8five

    Great article, wish I was there... Oh wait I was! Great memories. Ps. I'm pretty sure my board is copyrighted!

  • carrissima

    What are the standards for your life exactly?  bravery? no surrender? Curious?

  • ajkmidget96

    @notdrakebell Sidenote: "Generation Kill" is such a good show!

  • flhtse05

    Great story glad it ended well for you and your teamates! Thanks for your service.