November 17, 2012

War Stories: An EOD Tech with an ODA

In late 2007, my team mate and I were attached to an ODA team from 3rd group. The mission was to drive south into the Tagab valley that the French were in charge of. It would take us a day to get there and at least a week in the valley itself.

From the way we loaded out the truck, it was going to be one hell of a week. So we began to get to know the team guys and get schooled up on how they expected us to fit into the team. I was pretty glad to learn a few things from the pros.

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  • eod1286

    Bravo2three8fivei just now saw this comment. since your said its your board, i know who you are. i have two bad ass pics of you firing the carl gustav. you can see the shock wave and dust from it all

  • Bravo2three8five

    Great article, wish I was there... Oh wait I was! Great memories. Ps. I'm pretty sure my board is copyrighted!

  • carrissima

    What are the standards for your life exactly?  bravery? no surrender? Curious?

  • ajkmidget96

    @notdrakebell Sidenote: "Generation Kill" is such a good show!

  • flhtse05

    Great story glad it ended well for you and your teamates! Thanks for your service.