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November 19, 2012

Israel At War And Why It Is justified

Imagine you and your kids are walking on a busy street. You promised them ice cream and they are smiling and enjoying life. It’s a beautiful day. All the sudden the alarm sounds. You know what’s coming. You have less than 30 second to find shelter, any shelter. It’s not enough time. You kit the ground and embrace your kids, praying that if a rocket falls anywhere near you the shrapnel hits you and not your kids.

That’s been the reality of Israel for the past 12 plus years.

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    SeanDavies SEAN SPOONTS(MAFIA) Tamara DaSilva Is your point that the side that loses the most people are the victims?

  • SeanDavies

    Tango9 Old PH2 Contagio  Odd... the only one even referencing racism and zionists in the same sentence is you. But somehow was her first right?

  • SeanDavies

    Old PH2 Tamara DaSilva ArcticWarrior StormR Contagio  And exactly when did the CIA regain its credibility?

  • SeanDavies

    ArcticWarrior Tamara DaSilvaYou support Hamas and Terrorism no matter how much you deny it." .... uuugh... All I can do shake my head and say "fucking nobheads.."

  • SeanDavies

    Tamara DaSilva ArcticWarrior StormR Contagio  They Know you don't support these things. It just justifies their position if the decide that you do.