Old School SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Training

This is an older training video but it gives you an idea of how these guys work with the regular Navy divers in and around the submarine.


About the Author
is a former U.S. Navy SEAL with combat deployments to Afghanistan, and Iraq. During his last tour he served as the west coast sniper Course Manager at the Naval Special Warfare Center. He is Editor-in-Chief of, a SOFREP contributing editor, and a New York Times best selling author (The Red Circle & Benghazi: The Definitive Report). Follow Brandon on Facebook, Twitter or his website.

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  • usapatriotonthemove

    Nice Video, sound tracks not bad either!

  • BrentWeir

    awesome!  I worked in the engine room on fast attack subs, and was also a ships scuba diver, although we wouldn't dare try to lock-out at depth... our depth control was so sketchy, 60' at one moment, 180' a minute later!

  • marbito11

    awesome music. i thought charlie sheen was going to come out any minute.

  • jct95

    @BrandonWebb Do they really get high profile ops? I remember reading something about them operating in the horn of Africa a while back if I'm not mistaken.

  • Muskrat

    Great video and the music takes me back!