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November 26, 2012

Help Navy SEALs Fund Support SAS Sgt. Danny Nightingale

You’ve probably heard by now about how a Special Air Service (SAS) sniper has been sentenced by a British judge to 15 months in military prison for possession of a handgun. If you haven’t, you can get the full story here. It’s an outrageous miscarriage of justice – one that I wanted to bring to the attention of the SOFREP community and to my friends at the Navy SEALs Fund. I’ve been in touch with Sgt. Nightingale’s attorney, Simon McKay, who has filled me in on his client’s current situation:

  • The Lord Chief Justice is hearing an appeal against the sentence next Thursday (his appeal against conviction will follow)
  • His pay was stopped upon his detention so his family has no income except that which comes in from donations
  • Signatures on this petition will be presented to the court on Sgt. Nightingale’s behalf

In a recently published letter to his wife, Nightingale wrote: “I was prepared for anything when I went on operations,” he writes. “I knew that there was always the chance that I might say goodbye and not return. It comes with the job and I accepted that. But of all of the things I thought might happen, I never expected to be locked away by the country I’ve dedicated my life to serving.”

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  • StormR

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  • R__O__D

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  • Jokari1234

    what a sick, pus infected zombie rectum the once totally awesome UK has become...

  • Jokari1234

    what a sick, pus infected zombie rectum the once totally awesome UK has become...

  • mintyman

    As a son of a navy man and friend to an ex SAS man I am deeply apauled at this but I am deeply happy that comrades from the USA would actually start a fun for him. This just increases my beliefe that these people men soldiers are archangels the only bad people on our side are the government idiots.