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December 5, 2012

OPSEC in Medal of Honor: Warfighter?

So I wanted to follow up to the recent story of the seven members of SEAL Team 6 who were reprimanded for providing “consultation” to EA Games for their newest first person shooter game Medal of Honor: Warfighter. In lieu of the recent story and an awesome Black Friday deal that gets me Warfighter for $25 I decided to buy the game and see what all the hooplah is about.

I finished the single player campaign (storyline portion) of the game in a few days and definitely enjoyed it. As for OPSEC violations, I didn’t find much and I made sure to keep an eye out.

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  • greencoffin72

    I thought MoH Warfighter was a stellar Campaign shooter. Online play was ok. I would know about tactics and loadouts though.  My choices (ones I have now regretted) made me a YN in the Navy.

  • Roughneck

    The funny thing is, they did consult a filipino airsofter. He runs this site and he has a piece about the folks from EA thanking him with merch. for consulting with them.

  • RoccoMapua

    Filipino airsofter here. I am 31 though and while I wouldn't call myself a SEAL Fanboy, my airsoft team has that theme. I was brought into the sport by a friend who was, a member of our local special operations community, and yes, these guys train with their American counterparts. I knew this friend since he studied in our Military Academy. (I was not so lucky) He was a proponent of military and civilian interaction through airsoft because it encouraged us airsofters to contribute hand-in-hand with our armed forces when it came time to perform humanitarian duties; such as rescue and relief efforts when areas in the Philippines were flooded. An effort in which the US military also took part.   To make a long story short, the point I'm trying to get at is that this friend died fighting the Abu Sayyaf and we are reminded of his sacrifice every day. Soldiers or not, we can relate to what it's like to lose such a good friend, especially when we know what that friend was fighting for: Our way of life. We play airsoft not to pretend or feel like we are badasses at least once a week. We play it to celebrate this friend's life and what he enjoyed doing with us whenever he came home.

  • Srmanuel

    I did not know what thread to post this...but would you not like to shoot this weapon...During a gun buy back show in Hartford, CT, a woman turned in this weapon...The local police realized the value and history of the gun and saved it from going to the shredder...Thank God.....The NRA estimates it's value at between $30,000 and $40,000....BTW, I have a neighbor who is 88 years old who served in the German Vermacht and said he use to carry one of these...I wish he still had it.... Read more:

  • DieHardDeuce

    Since we're on the topic of OPSEC and DoD wrist slapping, anyone have an opinion on LTC. Schaffer's book, Operation Dark Heart? I'll admit, I only got half way through the redacted version before a buddy commanderred it. But I remember there being a big stink about the unredacted version prior to it's release, similar to No Easy Day.