December 1, 2012

War Stories: JSOC Access Denied

So, there I was…a “War Baby” as the cadre called me, attending Special Operations Preparation Course at 18 years old.

Alas, my story starts before then and it is one that made an everlasting impression on my character. I begin my experience as I drive through the gate at Ft. Bragg, fresh from OSUT and Airborne. I had just turned 18 and still had my parental consent forms hot in my pocket that allowed me to sign up at 17. I was a cherry to the Army, Infantry, Airborne, and being away from home on my own in general. Needless to say, much confusion ensued as I entered Ft. Bragg – “Home of Special Operations Forces.”

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  • JohnPacheco

    lol i can see i would have done the same like mommy call these guys and see whats up!

  • airborne_fister

    Nope cuz your to set on physical. It's 90% mental and 10% physical. But if you think your tough shit cuz your physically fit and get 300 on the apft you won't make it to Q.

  • Amandaj021084

    Perfect Story... Funny (GO MOM)  then brought tears to my eyes as I pictured ya'll singing! #AMERICA!!!

  • CIGARsmoke

    @robgb I will be leaving for boot in a few weeks.  Im an 18xray.  I can do 100 push ups and run the 2mile in 13 40.  The physical aspect isnt what I am worried about.  Will I have enough training in land nav to get me through the Q, assuming I get there.

  • Trango

    Great story. LOL, admittedly even now I will turn to my mom for assistance on some projects. She's got twice as many years of professional experience and it doesn't cost anything except a few pictures of the grandkids.