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December 7, 2012

Special Forces and Blue Cross/Shield Streamline Path for Future PAs

CHAPEL HILL – During multiple deployments as a U.S. Army Special Forces medical sergeant, David Costa said he provided care for civilian children with cuts and bruises, worked to stop bleeding from gunshot wounds and prepared patients for transport.

“I’ve pretty much seen the country from one dust pile to the next,” Costa said of Afghanistan. He said he was been deployed eight times to the country or Iraq, and would “easily” do it again. He said he found the work rewarding.

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About the Author

is an eight year Army Special Operations veteran who served as a Sniper and Team Leader in 3rd Ranger Battalion and as a Senior Weapons Sergeant on a Military Free Fall team in 5th Special Forces Group. Having left the military in 2010, he graduated from Columbia with a BA in political science. Murphy is the author of Reflexive Fire, Target Deck, Direct Action, and numerous non-fiction articles about Weapons, Tactics, Special Operations, Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism. He has appeared in documentaries, national television, and syndicated radio.

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  • catherinalucy

    VermontPTYou have done a great conversation.Thanks for the comment.

  • Amur'ica

    And what i worry about this UNC program is a financial gain for both the insurance companies and the school. Will this lock these previous 18D into a career field such as rural/underserved areas of medicine?

  • Amur'ica

    The military already has the IPAP program where a soldier will PCS to Ft Sam for 29 months and complete their training. What is the benefit of this program over the IPAPA. Many 18Ds have completed this program.

  • dickftr

    @hjw1dr Excellent ! I still store my medic training of  '75. I've used it on cattle and horses too.

  • dickftr

    I would like if it started by the second semester 2013.