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December 5, 2012

Terrorist Profile: Ustadz Ameril Umra Kato

Special thanks to one of my Filipino friends for putting this profile together for us -Jack

Commander Ustadz Ameril Umra Kato

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About the Author

is an eight year Army Special Operations veteran who served as a Sniper and Team Leader in 3rd Ranger Battalion and as a Senior Weapons Sergeant on a Military Free Fall team in 5th Special Forces Group. Having left the military in 2010, he graduated from Columbia with a BA in political science. Murphy is the author of Reflexive Fire, Target Deck, Direct Action, and numerous non-fiction articles about Weapons, Tactics, Special Operations, Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism. He has appeared in documentaries, national television, and syndicated radio.

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  • Surf375

    @JHR  @Recon6    "What would have happened if someone had intervened in Syria at the stage of conflict we are seeing in this situation?"   There's a good back and forth in the Mali article, JHR, can you elaborate on this thought. Thanks!

  • Surf375

    @JHR     LOL, JHR, you complete me! As for polar opposite, don't think we're necessarily at odds, true we agree Mr. Kato's bad, I just have faith those getting a better deal from us and the PI gov't can handle him just fine. My issue is on our approach overall and for the long haul. Good stuff, re above.

  • Recon6

    @JHR You will be there too!  You've got 6 months to prepare....6

  • JHR

    @Recon6 Heh 6! I dig you guys. And AW is One Arctic Cat:-) Meaning Cool Dude. He gets me to yap, when others can't. Have fun at Summer Parte:-) J

  • Recon6

    @JHR And You J, are a big reason I come here.  The commentary between you and my bud AW, keeps me glued to my keyboard searching for add'l Intel, lol.  I have gained so much Weight since joining REP, gotta lose prior to the Summer Party....6