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December 14, 2012

A PJ’s Perspective on Bob Costas, Jason Whitlock, and the Media’s Gun Problem

I was going to let this pass, I swear. There was a lot on my plate, I didn’t really have the time, but this story just got bigger and bigger. Pundits were a-punditing, pontificators pontificating, and the internet memes! So many, many memes… I held off for a few days, though. See, I learned my lesson when I tried to write about the David Patraeus scandal while it was still unfolding. Every time I thought I had a bead on what was happening, new information came out and the details of the story kept changing. I had to edit that damn thing every five minutes.

Therefore, I thought I’d let the dust settle a bit on the l’affaire de Bob Costas, and wait ford the inevitable outrageous outrage, media hand-wringing, and convoluted explanations to die down a bit before I shared my thoughts on the issue.

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is a retired USAF PJ, current U.S. government contractor, and professional contrarian. He has been banned from setting foot on 47 college campuses, due to his triple-plus ungood bad think. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have dubbed him, "The Most Dangerous Man in America." The European Union and the UAE have him on a terrorist watch list. Women want him, and men want to be him, and gay men want both.

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