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December 9, 2012

Operation Tonga

As you stand there looking at it, as I did in June 2010, it is difficult to grasp the fact that for a brief period in time, it was the most important man-made structure in the world. A tiny drawbridge that spanned a narrow body of water in France. One that was subject to a quick and furious battle that began the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944.

Benouville (later Pegasus) bridge over the Caen Canal, and Ranville (later Horsa) bridge, some 400 yards away over the river Orne, received keen interest from Allied planners early on in the planning for Operation Overlord. An attention less because of location and more for their ability to transfer the one thing that might ensure disaster on that momentous day. The German Panzer force.

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    @Dutch23  Thanks for your comment. You may not imagine  what the great problem the Museum created by Françoise Gondrée with the actors of DDay  is living. See  the comment above. Any help is welcome.


    A DIFFUSER PARTOUT           Musée de Pegasus Bridge                   1--Pegasus Bridge     - YouTube     Françoise Gondrée fondatrice  du Musée de Pegasus Bridge.                          2--                 3-- Pegasus bridge : le combat continue , Normandie 15/12/2012 ...                Pegasus bridge le combat continue Normandie 15/12/2012 Ouest-France.      

  • MikePerry2

    @Txazz See if its the latest version. if not you can get it for 99c right now, it doesn't have the format errors.

  • Txazz

    Just started Hammer of the Gods, Mike.  I didn't even realize I had the book until I ran across it!

  • shooten

    Great story and one of my favorite scenes from the Longest Day.  They were lucky that Hitler never let the Panzers loose.  We all were.