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December 16, 2012

Storm Detachment Koch at Eben Emael

By May 9, 1940 German forces had shocked the world with the lightning successes it unleashed against Poland, Denmark, and Norway. During that time another war, the strange ‘Phony war’ or ‘Sitzkrieg,’ had played out along the French border with Germany. Here, hardly a shot had been fired, and neither side appeared willing to up the ante by attempting an offensive.

Along another border, Belgium expected the Germans to honor their claim of neutrality and not attempt an invasion. Belgium held faith the French and the British would stave off another attempt to conquer the continent.

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  • Arminius

    MikePerry2:  Thanks.  That seems to be the best answer.  It is suspicious because Captain Koch was an absolutely dedicated Paratrooper and Soldier involved in most of the major operations until his "accidental" death.   For a Soldier of his courage, leadership, command and success, it is a suspicious ending to a Soldier whose service in any Army would be held as an example to be followed. I believe that Witzig was a "glory hound" and NEVER had the guts to stand up and tell the world about Leutenantoberst Koch's real demise. Just my judgment from having served with Officers in the US Army much the same as Witzig.

  • MikePerry2

    @Arminius I think Koch may have landed with one of the gliders assigned to take the bridges, though I am not certain.

  • Arminius

    Is there any record of the location of Hauptmann Koch during this operation?  It seems as though he has been "washed" from German History.  What a sad, sad shunning of a great Soldier.  Anyone at all know where he was during the Operation?  He had to have been in the actual AirLand Operation but Witzig seems to have stolen the accolades.

  • Txazz

    @MikePerry2  @shagstar There was no update so I deleted mine and will be cking back Wed or Sunday.  lol  Thanks, Mike.

  • McPosterdoor

    Except this time when they crashed thier top secret 'stealth' aircraft it wasn't pasted all over the internet.