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December 18, 2012

Responding to the Wolves

As I’ve aged and absorbed more knowledge about the realities of this life, one world-view paradigm continues to withstand the test of time. The Sheep, the Wolves, and the Sheepdogs paradigm continues to ring true within every fiber of my being, and grows stronger with each glance at current events around the world. The harsh reminder that Wolves exist has again been thrust upon us in no uncertain terms. Times like these are also reminders of what being a Sheepdog means.

With the title ‘Sheepdog’ comes certain burdens which should be explained, especially when current events allow for a powerful illustration to the point. I have been blessed with the ability to write, and based on reactions to current events, I feel a tremendous importance in attempting to translate the thoughts and emotions of at least one of the Sheepdog class in hopes contrasting us with the Wolves and reinforcing the notion that the danger to the Flocks never disappears.

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About the Author

Like what you read? Tips give us writers another way to support our lives and families! Blake is a former Army Special Forces soldier who spent time at 1st Special Forces Group and 20th Special Forces Group. He's currently doing any number of things, all angling towards world domination (one of the benevolent dictatorships!).

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  • HugeFan

    "News of violence against innocence enters my thoughts. Calculations, assumptions, and estimations mix with imagination. A slight tremor grows from the center of my chest and flows through my body to my limbs. A slight tingling creeps up my spine towards the base of the skull. The sensation could only be described as a mix of sublimated rage, confidence, and an overwhelming desire to protect. It almost feels like the vibration from an engine rotating within a confined case in my body. The ‘fangs’ come out. These are the results of mental rehearsals in the mind of Sheepdogs. Adrenaline On Demand."    It doesn't get summed up better than that, Blake, thank you for keeping my family safe and thank you to all of your brothers and sisters in the fight continuing to do so. From the bottom of my heart I wish all the "sheep dogs" and "sheep" the happiest of holidays.

  • Tango9

    @jeffreycarr  @JayRock1 I don't know if I'm a sheepdog.  All I know is that I have a responsibility to keep what's entrusted to me safe from bad people with bad intentions.    Somewhere in Arizona is a grave with one of my closest friends and someone I never dreamed I'd lose.  It isn't about being tough, or mean, or super trained ninja, it's about being a great NCO:  following up like a badger and never dropping the ball. It's about responsibility and doing it right every day.  Slip up one day and one of yours gets a .40 to the face.   It's about responsibility.

  • CarterB12

    Blake, This is simply a fantastic piece of writing. It is as if you are taking thoughts right out of my own mind. I have forwarded this off to my mates for their reading and hope they will stop and drop a comment praising it. Keep up the good work.

  • ajgamble

    @jeffreycarr What part of the "gun show loophole" are you talking about? There are no different laws applicable to sales from FFL's to private citizens than at their regular place of business, they both must pass the NICS check. The title of this is a misnomer made to make the public think that there's these huge arms bazaars in operation selling guns to every criminal that lines up. If there are private citizens at the gun show, they may sell them to others at their own risk, just like is the right of every citizen in the country to do so. By making it ililegal for private citizens to sell/trade firearms between each other is a dangerous place to go. A government with leaders such as ours could then use this to limit who gets an FFL or even restrict that further, giving them another avenue of approach for a gun grab.   I don't see how any gun management plans will make any effort in stopping violence, the statistics bear that out already, and with more restrictions comes the increased price of guns/ammo which makes it harder and harder for the average person to afford to defend themselves.Then it'd get into the murky world that the lefties love, socio-economical factors determining whether I can shell out $2000 for a rifle bc of supply and demand.

  • ChupaCabra

    Great article Blake, beautifully written. Despite my inability to relate to the sheepdog metaphor I understand your position of guardian and protector of  people who aren't willing or able to protect themselves. I appreciate that  professionals are required to be competant but I also think  making WMD's difficult for the average mental patient not only gives teachers in a classroom and people in a crowded theatre a fighting chance but also makes it easier for the pros to defend themselves and others. In a perfect world I would love to have all the weapons mankind could invent to defend from invaders or insane people out on a rampage. But having a moment between magazine changes is all I can reasonably ask for if I need a fighting chance when someone decides to take out as many children or opens up in a movie theatre. I live in a state where high capacity mags are illegal and even though I carry and stay aware of my surroundings, the only real chance I have against a rapid fire sweep is the moment between mag changes. As we saw in last week's massacre, the teachers were willing to fight back and may have had a chance if only given that moment.