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December 24, 2012

Remembering Philipe Kieffer

Tall, with a refined face resembling a statesman, Phillipe Kieffer was 40 years old when he volunteered for active military service in French Navy after it declared war on Germany in September 1940. He served aboard a battleship, then at Northern Fleet headquarters, as he watched his beloved France crumbled under the heel of German jackboots invading from Belgium.

He realized the gravity of the situation, when on May 31st, 1940, British and French forces began wading by the thousands out to ships of every size to evacuate them to England, knowing France was doomed.

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  • MikePerry2

    @Txazz @shagstar If you got it off his site, it's probably accurate, due to veterans testimony.

  • Txazz

    @shagstar hmmmmm I got that off Philipe Kieffer's Museum site   Now, we need even more answers.

  • shagstar

    @Txazz  but,,the article said it was a sherman TEX

  • Txazz

    @shagstar Then the commandos ran into the streets of Riva-Bella. German snipers hidden in the villas inflicted many casualties on them. When reaching the little railway station, each troop headed to its objectives, while the British commandos proceeded to the locks. Taking hold of the casino was not achieved without difficulties; the shots fired by the commandos' anti-tank "PIAT" turned out to be uneffectual to silence the guns of the bunker. Philippe Kieffer who had heard of the landing of "Centaure" tanks through the radio, came rapidly back with one of them. The shots fired by the tank neutralized the guns of the battery, thus enabling Kieffer's men to storm the casino. After having cleaned up Ouistreham, the 1er B.F.M.C. went back to the children's holydays camp, rally point with the rest of N°4 Commando. ** Centaur British tank La Brèche d'Hermanville This tank was built to support the Royal Marine Commandos on 6 June 1944. It was driven by a five men crew, and was armed with a 95 mm howitzer and a machine-gun. ** no definitive answer yet Shag

  • shagstar

    @LauraKinCA  @Txazz  @MikePerry2  i figured it out Laura,,,,finally!  lol