January 6, 2013

Remembering MSG Roy Benavidez

As much as the pain in his crippled body, the constant barrage of criticism at America’s involvement in Vietnam swelled the anger within his soul. On a daily basis he watched as the nightly news showed film of the American flag being burned, while he thought of those brave men he knew that were heading out for yet another mission on behalf of that flag. Each and every one willing to sacrifice it all and without complaint to serve their country.

He was one of them, or if the doctor’s diagnoses proved correct, once was.

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  • abacus

    Amazing story. I share stories like these with my boys to instill in them the understanding that the life we live in the U.S. is not something to be taken for granted. The concept and actuality that is America is not guaranteed and is continuously being assaulted by naysayers. It is because there are women and men willing to serve in the Armed Forces and protect our way of life that America is even possible. Thank you to all who serve.

  • SandraH

    Thank you for re-visiting this great American's story.  "American's don't quit."

  • aGrimm

    My prayers and deepest respect for MSG Benavidez.  His story is profound, and in the only way I can truly honor him, I have shared it with my grandchildren.  Some here have also pointed to the air crews. I have the greatest respect for the HMM364 "Purple Foxes" (they had a purple fox logo saying "give a shit").  They fearlessly came in under fire to extract us. I wish I knew their names.  There were other air crews.  To all the air crews supporting SOF - thank you and God bless.

  • LouieAdame

    Wow, what an awesome story. I am Navy Viet Nam vet. I am in awe of this man. He set the standard for an MOH. Plus he was my race. I salute this man.

  • Minou_Demimonde

    Thank you. Men like this are few and far between, and they always change the world. May we all remember that Americans don't quit.