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January 8, 2013

Red Teams Support SOF in War on Terrorism – Part 1

The building was brighter than the sun. It was 0200, but all offices seem to be occupied, at least when peering through the night scope from 100 meters away.

The three figures moved slowly, deliberately, placing heels first and sensing with the tip of the foot for anything that might make noise before placing the full body weight on the front foot. Each step was calculated. Each step brought them closer to the target. Total darkness and total silence. No lights allowed, communication between the team members was via hand signals when needed. They had been working together for a long time so each person knew what to do and what the other should do.

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  • Taskforcegreen

    @ufridman  @Taskforcegreen  Ahh...I see now already actually...nevermind. Just checked the site. Really cool. And sorry if it seems random, but If you can , PM me cuz I have a few questions. You can also PM me on YOUTUBE (as my name is TangoUniform82) if you wish to contact me there too and that way, I can give me email without posting it here. i really wanted to ask a few questions becaus I saw some amazing things that I really wish to know more about... Dennis

  • ufridman

    @Taskforcegreen GORUCK is a company that makes the best rucks.

  • Taskforcegreen

    @ufridman  @Taskforcegreen Yeah for sure...I get ya. So you are part of a "Red Team"? Is it a private org? And is "Red Team" the name of it? or is it GORUCK?

  • ufridman

    @Taskforcegreen indeed. A red team is exactly what you said: a team that provides adversarial services. They pretend to be the bad guys. Now, in recent years this has evolved and red teams not only act like attackers, but they have become an overall force that challenges plans, policies, and tactics. We are very good at thinking outside the box and seeing the vulnerabilities even at design or planning phase. We are also very good with technology. Combining all I just said and adding the fact that a red team is a great recon/surveillance tool and you have a group of people (at least my team) that can provide SOF units with much more than just adversarial services. Am I making any sense?

  • Taskforcegreen

    What is a Red Team exactly? Excuse my ignorance, but I was under the impression that the term was a SOF training term referring to a working group/unit that specializes in testing security, countering a "blue" team's strategies and TTPs etc... Is *this* ^ Red Team something else entirely? Can someone educate me on that, por favor