January 12, 2013

War Stories: MidSouth Institute of Shooting

It was in the late nineties and me and my guys were on a training trip to MidSouth for some kill house work.  We quickly settled into the routine of ten hours of shooting, ten hours of drinking, and four hours of sleep (well some of us slept but I’m getting to that part). Repeat.

One of our platoon mates (we’ll call him Sean) had picked up a real winner out in town, at a strip club no less, and she wasn’t stripping (at least that night, and she’s surely on the pole somewhere today). It was common at this particular strip club in Mississippi for white trash couples to be seen in the club together, hell who I am to judge, maybe they’re fucking on to something.

After a colorful night downtown with the boys, and Sean’s lady friend accompanying us in Memphis (it was close to us), she had too much to drink (I think she was 19 drinking on a fake ID) and starting yelling insults at the local African Americans within ear shot.  The filth coming out of her trailer park mouth would’ve (and did) made a sailor wince.  The was calling them all sorts of names and none of them good or appropriate. To make matters worse Sean shaved his head with a Bic razor every day…not a good combo. Needless to say we threw her in the Navy van and hightailed it our of there before we had another incident on our hands.  They gave chase but soon lost us.

Back at the Ranch…

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  • Recon6

    JohnPacheco  LOL, now that is funny bro...6

  • JohnPacheco

    hahaha one time i had a girl lean over to me in the dark and say "are you black?..."lol good times

  • lmbaker

    This story is a prime example of why you need to stick with Memphis girls.

  • JHR

    @Old PH2 One Legged Of Course....

  • hjw1dr

    @Jaycel Adkins  @Old PH2  @ThePatriots  @HM1 (FMF) Ret.   Jaycel "This is the best thread ever."   Totally agree, still laughing. Like old times at the local bar.  :)