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January 13, 2013

A Monastery of Green Devils

The harshness that became the four battles of Cassino occurring in Italy from January through May 1944 represented the difficulty facing the Allies trying to take what had been described as the “soft underbelly of Europe.”

They had witnessed the successes at the fall of the island of Sicily and Salerno beachhead on the mainland, but ran into trouble as they began to encounter German defensive lines that slowed their advances into bloody slogs. In the early stages, capturing Rome was the goal, and the Allied armies coordinated their efforts to push through the remaining defensive lines and open a way to the city.

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  • Kajuro

    Meh, as "elite" as the the German paras were, they ultimately could not withstand the skill and bravery of the regular old Dog Faces of the 34th, 36th ID's, Kiwis, Poles, Indians, Brits, etc.

  • Txazz

    @KineticFury  @Surf375 Yes, you can. Firefox has a dandy app to translate and adds to the right click menu.  Also, Fireshot which is a print screen app. Babelfish you can do the same thing as Bing.

  • Txazz

    @Old PH2  @Surf375 Thought this movie interesting. Die grünen Teufel von Monte Cassino (1958)

  • KineticFury

    @KineticFury @Old PH2  @formwiz i just realized he said "euphemism for light infantry"   guess i'll shut up too

  • KineticFury

    @Old PH2  @formwiz various forms of Jaeger have been used throughout German/austrian history - it was assigned to light infantry at one point, but yes, it means hunter.