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January 13, 2013

US Supported French Hostage Rescue: Obama

It’s just been released that President Obama has put out a statement that the United States provided military support to France’s attempted hostage rescue in Somalia.

The publicly released letter, which can be seen below, states that the U.S. provided “combat aircraft” support to French ground forces.

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  • dickftr

    @Txazz  @RichDD BTW, off topic, application for adoption of MWD is done.

  • lecoug

    @TheAtrium @Iassen Donov you ain't gotta love it, just gotta do it

  • BulletTooth32

    Hurray for Obama! Im so glad he isn't taking our AR15 while he's helping the French

  • Txazz

    @RichDD  @Txazz I agree, of course.  This time the French went in way ahead of schedule and in two countries same time.  They must have had a plan but, it backfired with the hostage rescue.  Thing is, will they execute Allex now?

  • dickftr

    Micheal Scheuer, ex CIA, stated that we got our butt kicked in Iraq and Afgh. Also said the french will get there butt kicked in Mali. I just saw this on Blaze TV. Is the US gonna get in this one too,more than air support? Our guy's haven't got there butt's kicked. Rule's of engagement????