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January 15, 2013

Updates on French Raid in Somalia

Please read this before reading the updates on the French Raid in Somalia:

“Published: October 04, 1993: At least five American soldiers were killed and several were wounded today when a Somali militia shot down two American helicopters during United Nations military operations in Mogadishu, Pentagon officials said.

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  • YankeePapa

    . "...There shall be wars and rumors of war..."  And then there will be Somalia... . . -YP-

  • shagstar

    @Baker32  eat me!!  douche bag!


    Well, France has a way to go before it can become a first rate player in the SOF game.  It was not a perfect mission by any stretch of the imagination but it wasn't a bust either.  The Jihadists certainly didn't acheive their objectives either.  There will be no videos of hostages pleading for their lives.  There will not be years of negotiation over their release.  The Jihadist have no human leverage they can use to hobble operations in the region.  The will be no wall to wall media coverage that gives the bad guys a stage they can make speeches from.  It also reveals that the Jihadists value Africa very much and don't want to fight us face to face. It will be harder for them to take hostages after this.

  • Baker32

    @shagstar Um, ok.  You want to tell that to Al-Shabaab?  The days of the public not knowing about these type of operations are long gone.  Especially when they go bad.

  • Pasik

    According to this site ( (a journalist specialized in defense matters), the commando came on 4 EC725 Caracal plus one or two attack helicopter Tigre. The came from the assault helicopter and command ship Mistral. Things went wrong when on ground they met with islamists fighters before the assault. They manage to call for reinforcement. Without surprise effect and a larger opponent force than expected it was going to be messy. Article says that the extraction was "very hot". It is not said in the article, but I've read that US Air Force was involved with an EC-130J for radio relay.