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January 18, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty: A Former CIA Targeting Officer’s Perspective

Despite debates over its depiction of torture, Zero Dark Thirty became the most-watched movie in America this week, and looks to be heading for another strong weekend. How reliable the film’s portrait? Does it give an accurate picture of how the CIA anti-terrorism efforts really work? Nada Bakos, who spearheaded the CIA’s Zarqawi Operations team from 2004-2006 as a targeting officer, weighs in. Prior to the operations position, Bakos served as an analyst for the agency primarily in the Counterterrorism Center, and was a member of the team charged with defining the relationship between Iraq, al Qaeda, and 9/11.

Jessica Chastain portrays the CIA analyst Maya in the new movie “Zero Dark Thirty.” (PHOTO: SONY PICTURES)

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  • usapatriotonthemove

    Nada, Thank You for you're perspective on the film.  This movie didn't' resonate with me at all?  I didn't think it portrayed the Team guys in a good light and now, I know the three letter agencies weren't portrayed accurately either.   I think people expected more out of the movie than what they got?  I sure the hell did.   I've told people not to see it, and to wait for the video. That being said...Thank You, and those like you for what you do.  You are not just people who work in the background, you are very much appreciated and thought of by those of us who understand that freedom is not free.

  • dmalert

    As others noted below it's a movie and doesn't have 12 hours to tell the whole story.   I think it did a good job of showing the frustration of 10 years of hunting, tedium and the ugliness of war.

  • Sonnys Mom

    Excellent analysis, hope to hear more from Nada in the future.  How 'bout inviting her on SOFREP TV?

  • Jaycel Adkins

    @TheAtrium  @ColonelProp I am going to check it out today, Sunday is book store day for me, before the Games start. This topic + movies reminds me about a story I heard before:    Francis Ford Coppala wanting George Lucas to turn the "philosophy" of Star Wars into a real religion.   That would have been something!  Maybe the prequels would have been better movies....   Popular thing to diss MSM, particularly Newspaper and Cable News, (a lot of it deserved), but there are a group of people doing book-length Nonfiction Narratives that are absolutely killing it. I just picked up Susan Orlean's book, 'Rin Tin Tin.' It's pretty amazing and well written, as the saying goes, 'Better than Fiction.'

  • TheAtrium

    @Jaycel Adkins  @ColonelProp    Hey, man, have you read Lawrence Wright's book on Scientology yet?