January 19, 2013

War Stories: Thailand Surprise

My friend had just come out of the back room in Thailand and as he was wiping sweat from his brow he said, “man that was a close one!”.  “What the Hell are you talking about?!”, I said. I almost slept with that lady boy, “she, I mean “it” was so damn good looking. “Dude, you’ve got to be kidding me”, I replied. My friend Erik, a trained Navy Corpsman/Medic had enough sense to do a thorough check after the perp tried to stick it in the coin slot instead of where things usually go. We had a laugh and went back to drinking.

About an hour later our friend Chris comes walking out of the shadows of the back area of the club and sits down at our table. At this point most the Recon platoon was there in various states of mind. Chris said, “hey fuckers! You’ll never believe it but this hot ass girl just asked me to put it in her ass!”. Erik quickly interjected with a, “Can you point her out?”. Chris was beaming with pride as he pointed to the lady boy Erik had narrowly avoided. Needless to say it was a long cruise for Chris, he would be forever known as “the man fucker”. Bring it up to him to this day and he’ll throw down.  Lesson learned, beware of the extra pretty ones in Thailand.

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  • JohnPacheco

    Romadave lmao

  • carrissima

    I have to be honest with you guys but I could never touch a guy that banged another guy with a ten foot pole. Navy seal or no Navy seal that is the worst of the worst. I do not care how drunk you were at the time.

  • deleted_5708486_ChupaCabra

    @hjw1dr  @Old PH2  I spent some time in Thailand, I had a few lady boyfriends. They were good hair cutters and taught me some great makeup tips.

  • deleted_5708486_ChupaCabra

    @TheAtrium  @hjw1dr  They are trying to pass a law in NY that in some Jewis ceremonies after circumcising little boys, the guy with the knife then takes a mouthfull of wine and puts his mouth over the penis swirling it around and sucks it back up and swallows it. Two kids died of severe herpes infections so the want to outlaw the practice. Whats your take on that? Cultural?

  • ajkmidget96

    @TheAtrium sex change or not, if your born a man, you're always gonna be a man: chromosomes