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January 21, 2013

Red Teams Support SOF War on Terrorism – Part 2

The trip to the infil point was uneventful. The blacked-out Hilux took the rocks on the road pretty well, however the operators on the back of the small pickup truck felt every one of them.

Once they reached the infil point, the vehicle slowed down just enough for them to jump out and seek cover by the side of the road. There they stayed for half an hour, completely still. Hearing. Smelling. Sensing.

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  • VikingBeachBum

    @ufridman @Old PH2 @StormR Uri, this is great stuff, I'd read books like this!

  • SnakeCharmer

    @ufridman Man you've brought back some memories if days gone by many moons ago brother! Technology evolves (solar batteries vs. burying Honda generators and MacBooks vs green gear) but so much remains the same. Haha

  • SnakeCharmer

    @ufridman @Txazz

  • ufridman

    @StormR I hear you man.

  • ufridman

    @Old PH2  @StormR thanks. It might be a good set of stories.. I don't know who would read them...