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January 24, 2013

Hillary Clinton’s Testimony on Benghazi: SOFREP’s Take

Brandon Webb was interviewed on The Blaze about Hillary Clinton’s testimony on Benghazi, and we’ve got the video for you here.

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  • RandomNobody

    Is there any way to get an up-to-date analysis of Benghazi with regard to the Hillary Clinton email controversy?

  • GraceMascorro

    @[email protected]  She is just standing by her men.....

  • GraceMascorro

    @recon00 I agree with you, why else would Stevens be in Benghazi to only meet with the Turkish Ambassador. they sat there and saw the people photographing the compound. Stevens and Smith knew it was coming and nobody in Washington was listening..

  • Kim l

    Big document dump on Bengazi today . Part of Brennan confirmation .

  • osc2

    @Recon6  @Txazz  @oldSquid Hell, I still hunt with a single shot 12G, talk about kick........