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January 28, 2013

French Commando, Killed in Somalia, Identified

Captain Patrice Rebout, a member of the Division Action arm (11e Choc) of the DGSE, was one of two commandos killed in an attempt to rescue a fellow DGSE operative, Denis Allex, who has been held captive by al-Shabaab since 2009. Patrice, a veteran of the DGSE since 2008, was formerly of the 8th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment, where he served since 1996. While serving with the 8RPIMa, Patrice deployed to the Balkans and to Gabon.

On Thursday the 24th of January comrades from the 8th and the DGSE flocked to the town of Moulin-à-Vent south of Perpignan, home of Patrice’s wife, their 6 month old little boy, and Patrice’s father, a former officer in the 8RPIMa.

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  • Alisnackbar

    OPR point taken my friend it just boils my blood knowing these ragheads are swarming over this dead soldiers body taken pictures and posting them around the world

  • The_Dutchman

    R.I.P. Captain Rebout. Never forgotten.

  • ThomasVictorio

    RIP Capitaine Rebout. Ton jour de gloire est arrivé.

  • ThomasVictorio

    @TimUFR  @DavidGrega They're more like a hybrid between paramilitary and military, actually... (I'd also like to correct my own similar post at another page). The action arm of the DGSE recruits through information meetings among officers, and presentations at NCO schools. For specific / timely position openings they send information to military units through their respective command staff. The recruited service member is then "assigned" to the DGSE instead of being formally separated from the military. All the info above is public domain, by the way.

  • Alisnackbar

    Don't the French know you leave NO man behind no matter what!!! RIP capt Patrice Rebout