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January 29, 2013

Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting 2nd Amendment

The following letter was disseminated and signed by over 1,000 current and former Army Special Forces soldiers (Green Berets) in support of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, specifically as a defensive measure against tyranny. The letter was compiled through the joint efforts of current and former Special Forces personnel over at, and quietly disseminated for signatures among secure, vetted circles.

Protecting the Second Amendment – Why all Americans Should Be Concerned

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Like what you read? Tips give us writers another way to support our lives and families! Blake is a former Army Special Forces soldier who spent time at 1st Special Forces Group and 20th Special Forces Group. He's currently doing any number of things, all angling towards world domination (one of the benevolent dictatorships!).

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  • KevinByrne

    "Pure & Simple-Just the Facts"

  • bill13510

    ElbridgeGerrysGhost Tango9   Bro ... the 'wall of text' objection should not be taken personally ... it is a legitimate observation that a solid wall of text simply doesn't get read   because it is difficult to read. Look to how magazine and newspaper articles are broken up ... these people are in the business of communications and very little is left to chance. There is a logical rule in communications that simply cannot be safely ignored: the responsibility for effective communication rests solely with the person attempting to relay the information. Really, where else COULD it rest? Break the text out into paragraphs and, since this is the internet, provide links where appropriate. You have good quotes - but suppose I wanted to  look at the quotes in context or even read the full publication they were pulled from? Including the links would have made this a simple matter, but not including them throws a barrier in front of me, your reader. I waded through your comment because I recognize the size of the comment and the wall of text as evidence of someone who is deeply invested in the comment but not well-informed in the art of communication.  Take the counsel as intended ... as an aid to more effective communication.

  • JMass_M14

    plainolamerican88  Who is the Speaker?  I know that I'm never up-to-date on faces, but his is very familiar...  he speaks with a high degree of intelligence, something unworthy of most politicians.  HeHeHe...

  • Tango9

    SharonInFL I had someone ask me why I "needed" a 30 round mag.  I asked him why he needed shoes.