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January 30, 2013

Our Fallen Heroes: Ivica Jerak

I wanted to write about this particular warrior for two reasons, 1) for the amazing accomplishments he has achieved in his life, and 2) I met him and worked with his team on a deployment in 2004 in which he made a huge impression on me.

Ivica Jerak, whose nickname in his unit was “Pizza,” was born in Debeljak, Croatia (at the time it was the Republic of Yugoslavia) on October 12th, 1962. In former Yugoslavia, conscription was in practice, and all men at the age of seventeen would register for service and be inducted in the military at the age of nineteen. Ivica was no different. He served in the Yugoslav military before emmigrating to the United States in his early twenties, and in January of 1988 he enlisted in the U.S. Army as a medic.

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  • HugeFan

    @Iassen Donov I was meaning more who Ivica was as a man. That sort of thing, I get the OPSEC/PERSEC aspect. Glad to have known just this much about him. :-)

  • The_Dutchman

    @Iassen Donov  @Burton  @Coriolis effect Thank you for the confirmation sir. I was also wandering if he was Drago from ''The misison, the men and me''. (One of the best books I ever read)I'm deeply impressed by warriors like MSG Ivica Jerak, who give up so much for the freedom we enjoy every day. RIP, you will not be forgotten.Thank you for sharing his story sir Donov!

  • vmike101st

    Another story in which I once again feel amaze by the Heroic acts of these individuals. Im impressed by these warriors everytime I read one of these stories. This are the people I look up to and hope to emulate.

  • dickftr

    Thank's Iassen, the emotion grab's me by the throat when I ponder these HEROE'S. I wish I knew how to get my Father to open up to me before he die's.

  • dickftr

    @flhtse05  @StormR  @Reaper375  @HugeFan Your right 05.The un-informed are running this country and they are effected every day. They are to stupid to know our warrior's allow them to spew. Sometime's I get angry. cool off Dick, I tell myself.