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February 2, 2013

War Stories: Combating Terrorists With Heavy Metal

So, we were posted in the middle of nowhere near an encampment of a certain jihadi group. We were at standby pending permission to engage the terrorists. The only time we would fire was when they fire mortars at us.

The jihadi assholes would not only get on the loudspeaker to call to prayers but at random times, especially at night, they would put their most horrid music full volume. After a week of that sound from hell we were all fuming.

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  • HugeFan

    This sounds way hippie-like but wouldn't it be great if that's how all wars were fought? Load crazy-ass music until the subwoofer blows and then when that happens, the side with the blown sub would have to concede defeat. Everybody goes home and the Cold War to develop better speakers and subwoofers begins. At least it's nice to think about... :-)

  • solemnvows2

    You wanna scare em??? DONT PLAY DROWNING POOL-type crap! lol...sorry no offense to you guys that like it, but its sooo f**kin cheesy. Throw in some serious death meal like In Flames, At the Gates, Darkest Hour, and those evil bands from norway!  lol...that will have a dual effect on psyops AND on toruturing those they are great bands

  • Tango9

    That is awesome.  "We began playing music randomly. Worse, we placed our Master SGT on a microphone and he sang, ALL THE TIME. Only he didn’t know how to sing. It was epic"   Best part, thanks Uri!

  • gipbmac

    @Contagio  there are those days where nothing but a good dose of Metal will do!...

  • Contagio

    Sounds like your iPod is the litany of my collection....cut my teeth on the metal movement and still love it to this day