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February 10, 2013

Charles ‘Commando’ Kelly

When exploring the lives of military heroes, one often finds their battlefield achievements bordering on the super-human. No way could mere mortals face such overwhelming odds and live to tell about them with a sense of humility and grace, saying that they merely did their jobs, which further grips us in awe of them.

Take Charles E. Kelly for example. Born into poverty in 1920 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as one of eight brothers, he enlisted in May, 1942, and found himself looking through bars of a stockade twice for going AWOL. Later he admitted he just needed time alone and never considered the consequences of his infractions. Hardly a promising start to his superiors.

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  • oldSquid(Mafia)

    MikePerry2 or...could have been more...

  • JHR

    I am sad to hear how Commando Kelly passed, yet I know he wanted it that way. If he only knew, how many of us admire his spirit and bravery. He is a heroic legend. RIP.

  • HugeFan

    That story should have started with: "Y'all ain't gonna believe dis shit..." 11B's fucking rock...

  • LauraKinCA

    @seancul55  @Recon6  Sean, FWIW I took your statement at face value and not as flippant. As you are most likely aware, many here are a bit raw with some of the nastiness surrounding Chief Kyle's death. I'm glad you are enjoying Mike's Sunday History stories as do I. Mike has a knack of reminding me of how little I know about the individuals who fought for us vs. battles and Generals and strategies. I really look forward to these stories.

  • seancul55

    @Recon6  @seancul55 Flippant???  I was on my iphone and it's a bitch typing long messages.  I was being dead ass, short, sweet, and to the point.  I've legitimately never heard of Commando Kelly before, so I said thanks for the intro.  I have no reason to be a wise ass...