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February 7, 2013

FBIs Hostage Rescue Team Marks 30th Anniversary

If you go online to the FBIs official website,, you’ll see they have started a special series on their HRT unit as they mark thirty years since the unit’s inception.

HRT is a competent and capable counter-terrorist unit that has provided some invaluable and first hand expertise to special operations forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. This first video goes over the history and the general capabilities of the unit. The second video which is yet to be released focuses on the selection process – which for a long time the FBI has kept a tight lid on.

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  • EasyDay

    @KentFrazier @3:26 they show an operator jumping out of a helicopter. Does HRT have a jump/freefall capability???

  • marbito11

    @hjw1dr  i dont think 300 operators have been selected because of their selectivity. HRT dont see as much combat as Delta or ST6. thus, operators dont die. honestly, this is the first time in my life time that ive l heard of an HRT operation.

  • theAtrium

    Great write up & video , Lassen!   Was just re-reading this RAND study on policing and CT:   " How do terrorist groups end? The evidence since 1968 indicates that terrorist groups rarely cease to exist as a result of winning or losing a military campaign. Rather, most groups end because of operations carried out by local police or intelligence agencies or because they join the political process. This suggests that the United States should pursue a counterterrorism strategy against al Qa'ida that emphasizes policing and intelligence gathering rather than a “war on terrorism” approach that relies heavily on military force. "   I know there's been plenty of commentary in the media re the Obama administrations insistence on the above, since you're covereing FBI HRT and I think AW or HF mentioned the Coasties (in policing role), maybe expand this coverage to above RAND paper? Thanks, man.

  • mrfrosty skip to 0:57

  • mrfrosty