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February 10, 2013

On Invincibility

We have the will to fight. We learn from our predecessors how to ply our trade. The experiences that we collect start to define who we are, what we stand for and how we value our lives. Most men have the sense and reality of death at some point during service to our nation.

After you have stepped off a Black Hawk or landed in a C-17 safely back at your home station, you start to lose that reality. Each time you add another deployment, another mission, another firefight, you slowly become invincible.

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About the Author

served in 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. Almost four years of my time in 3/75 was spent in the sniper section. In all, I spent over 11 years in military service. I am a firefighter/paramedic and hold a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Oregon State University. When not working, I spend most of my time rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, trail running, and occasionally picking up heavy objects.

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  • caiusKeys

    Probably a little off topic, but that's up with Phil Bronstein, Esquire, and the Center for Investigative Reporting on interviews with the ST6 guy claiming to be the one who killed UBL? Seems unlikely, but it also seems like these guys are professional enough to have done their homework and not make a big mistake here.

  • hjw1dr

    @dmalert  @LauraKinCA  Well, get out of there! LOL Yeah, the sun came out and I thought (silly me) that the rain or clouds would stay put. NOT! The sun came out full force, and I have nicely pink face and neck. Forgot to put on sunscreen.... oh well, I'll get an early jump on a tan I guess!

  • dmalert

    @hjw1dr  @LauraKinCA Wow.  Sunburn.  Looking at a pile o' snow out back.

  • hjw1dr

    @LauraKinCA  @dmalert Me too. but you were there, in a way. Like Stormy was... in spirit and good wishes.

  • LauraKinCA

    @hjw1dr  @dmalert  Wish I could have been there with you.