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February 7, 2013

War Stories: Baghdad, A Tropical Paradise

There is a certain location in Iraq that many in the SOF community know. This particular place has a pool in every backyard and marble floors. The three story complex that housed up to 50 Rangers also had other amenities, such as a sand volleyball court, horseshoes, diving board, and yes, a zip-line that went from the top of the third story into the pool.

Let’s just say someone came for a visit and didn’t appreciate the risk factor due to the 15 feet of tile between the house and pool. They shut that ruckus down.

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About the Author

I served in 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment from 2003-2008. Almost four years of my time in 3/75 was spent in the sniper section. I am a licensed Paramedic and hold a Bachelors of Science in Biology from Oregon State University. When not working, I spend most of my time rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, trail running, and occasionally picking up heavy objects.

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  • Riskbiz

    Know the location well. Don't forget the FBI HRT parties, and I'll personally never forget bored Rangers when there was no mission on a given night (circa 2004) trolling route Irish blacked out and in true "I wish a motherfucker would" style, hoping for contact. Any contact. lol

  • Canopylight

    I heard about old MSS Baghdad. Too bad they closed it down in favor for a location by BIAP that didn't have the cool amenities.

  • Black Betty

    So your the reason that video has 45 million hits.

  • isaiahzb

    @uncle hakim I can't believe that I didn't catch that. My bad you are correct, it is the Tigris that we were next to. For all the time that I spent next to those two rivers, you would think that I wouldn't mix them up like I did. Nice catch.

  • uncle hakim

    I always thought it was the Tigris that ran by the Green Zone, but then, I wasn't lucky enough to live in there.  I thought the Euphrates ran by Ramadi and Fallujah - about 30klicks west of B-dad, but then I was only there for two years.