February 12, 2013

The Other Dirty War: Danzon

No conoces a Mexico. No la conoces como yo. No lo conoces porque eres supuesto Americano. En realidad, ambos somos. Pero tu distingues. Soy el original. Tu eres la copia.

Introduction to the Introduction

You don’t know Mexico. You know Tex Mex. You know illegal immigrants. You might know Cantinflas. You see Mexico from a skewed lens; and you cannot know drug cartels in Mexico until you eliminate your pre-existing thoughts about Mexicans and Mexico.

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  • caiusKeys

    Just watched "Gangland: Los Zetas," and thinking I'd like to see your latest installment -- great stuff.

  • JHR

    ArcticWarrior Contagio JHR I may be in Spain soon. Small world. I am attending a ranching seminar:-)

  • JHR

    ArcticWarrior Contagio JHR Can I borrow yours?

  • JackMurphyRGR

    solemnvows2 Dennis, you just can't take a hint cant you?

  • solemnvows2

    I just finished a book about PMCs hunting mid-level Shia TCOs working alongside Venezeluelan paramilitary elements who assist Baja Cartel units in training alongsdie IRGC/Quds Force operatives along the broder states. The contractors, part of the slightly known RATTLR (Rapid Assymetrics Tactics Team-Lead Response), actually are some of the first to perform DAs with a small amount of US SOF and Mexican Army SOF (Like Mexico's infamous GAFES and highly elite GOPES).  The book, I believe, will be out in two months. If anyone would be interested,  I think it will be on amazon.  Email me @[email protected], because I can give you the title.