February 23, 2013

War Stories: Civil Affairs+The Congo+Hookers+Bacardi

By: Josh L.

In the summer of 2010 I finally received the news that I had been waiting to hear since I first joined the Army nearly eight years earlier,  I finally got a mission to somewhere other than Iraq.  It was a Civil Affairs guy’s dream mission, the destination Kinshasa, Congo: “the heart of darkness.”  The team was small, only three of us.  A fellow NCO that I had served with in Iraq and a Captain that in another life had been an enlisted Ranger qualified scout sniper from the 82nd whom I will call “Jeff.”  Jeff had months prior traveled to Congo for a skull session with the embassy’s RSO and the DIA detachment.

I didn’t know Jeff well, although he seemed pretty high speed and much more an NCO than an officer.  So, two days before we went wheels up, I sat down with my old team sergeant for beers and shot the shit. He knew Jeff well and had words of wisdom, “don’t let that motherfucker drink, he will turn Batshit crazy.”  Now we all know dudes in the military that just can’t drink, hell the fact that he came from the 82nd should have been a HUGE red flag but I just blew it off.

Two days later we embark on our journey, flying first to Belgium then transferring to a much nastier plane that would take us to our final equally nasty destination. But before we made our transfer, I told Jeff (this is where I fucked up) that there was no way I was going to Congo without buying a shitload of Jameson and smokes at the duty free.  Instantly Jeff got the eye of the psycho and proclaimed, “that is the best idea I’ve heard all week!”  So as I’m purchasing my bottles of golden deliciousness and a stupid amount of cancer sticks when I see Jeff stocking up on bottles of Bacardi limon (a tell tale sign that drinking ain’t your thing).

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About the Author

is an eight year Army Special Operations veteran who served as a Sniper and Team Leader in 3rd Ranger Battalion and as a Senior Weapons Sergeant on a Military Free Fall team in 5th Special Forces Group. Having left the military in 2010, he is now working towards a degree in Political Science at Columbia University. Murphy is the author of Reflexive Fire, Target Deck, the PROMIS series, and numerous non-fiction articles about Weapons, Tactics, Special Operations, Terrorism, and Counter-Terrorism. He has appeared in documentaries, national television, and syndicated radio.

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  • Allwet

    ...bad sign , drinking in dingy hotel room in Africa....when you can go to a dingy bar(which fill up with "mosquitoes " when ever a few light faces start to show) and drink LOL. Rule 1 for ranging about at night in the motherland-no one goes alone, period.Probably worked out for the better for the rest of you though-damn if there's not one in every crowd......3 of em-becareful what you wish for here, some of these mosquitoes bite.

  • usapatriotonthemove

    LMFAO!  I'm glad the extra curricular activity's didn't effect the mission other than having Jeff get sent home.  Though...that kinda sucked for you guys. 3 of them, on night one? Dang....lol

  • JHR

    @McPosterdoor  @MedicSteve2 If Ph posts, I OPEN. For Sure:-) Just gotta look.....

  • southernbelle

    @Will_In my own bubble  @oldSquid If it's the same thing that Wasdin talks about in his book, it's what the Somalis took to keep them doped up to fight.

  • Will_In my own bubble

    @oldSquid Hahhahah Im also rather tallmy nickname whilst I was there was :Mzungo Mbrefu. Which means "tall white man" I saw some very old Italian dudes who could have been my grandfather dancing with some very pretty ladies. The young africans love white people.  They have a Swahilli phrase when talking about white people which translates literally as "Thousand shilling skin".To keep partying lots of the east africans I met chew this thing called "Khat" bit like 4 redbulls and three smokes....... keeps you buzzing.