February 11, 2013

A USMC Sniper’s Thoughts on American Hero Chris Kyle

“Chuck” Mawhinney, Carlos Hathcock, Gary Gordon, Randy Shughart, Chris Kyle… These are the names of a few men that, no matter what community you’re from, we immediately associate with when the topic of sniper gets mentioned. With the war on terror still in full stride there has been a lot of attention brought on to different groups, teams and units throughout the small warfighter community but there is one that is so small and unique it pulls all of these organizations together into an even smaller affiliation. No matter what school house whether it be Army, Navy or Marine Corps there is a group of men who share the mindset, abilities and fieldcraft of a sniper.

I remember specifically while go through the scout sniper basic course the SNCOIC gave us all an assignment in the early days of training. The assignment was to find a sniper who came before us and give a presentation on how he effected the sniper community. He could be from any branch of service and from any conflict. From that day forward, after the presentation, we were to carry this short biography around as a pocket item in order to remember and pay respect to the men who paved the way for snipers on the battlefield.


M107 Afghanistan

I have since left the military but I still keep in contact with most of the snipers I had the privilege to work with. It always surprised me how you could meet a sniper from across the coast and you would be able to relate with him through somebody else or perhaps an area you have operated in down range or even an instructor you both shared at some point. I actually met a man near my home who happened to be a Marine sniper in Viet Nam, he noticed I had a Marine Corp flag outside my apartment and stopped by. We got to talking and learned we both had been Marine snipers which lead to a hearty back slap and then he handed me a book he was mentioned in called, Point of Aim Point of Impact. He then told me to keep in touch and even stopped by once more to see how I was doing. He remains active in the Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association and still sees his old team mates during platoon outings.

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  • ChuckMcCall


  • ChuckMcCall

    @echo6sierra Roger that!

  • echo6sierra

    Semper Fi, Chris.

  • JBrown

    Chris Kyle rest in peace, you will be greatly missed by all, God bless you for all that you have done. Also just busted a fake SEAL claiming to be sniper with over 300 confirmed kills, and the top sniper in all of the US armed forces.

  • Kim l

    @stickit2em Glad you are doing ok. As far as the seals NO DOUBT strong men.