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February 24, 2013

al-Qaeda Counter-Drone Tactics Found in Mali

Members of the Associate Press in Timbuktu, Mali have discovered what appears to be a list of 22 methods/tactics for enemy fighters to avoid being targeted by American drone strikes. The list which was found in a manila folder in an abandoned Islamist building was published online by the Associate Press.

The document was created by Yemeni extremist, Abdallah bin Muhammad, a senior member of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Although the document was possibly written in 2011 following the death of Anwar al-Awlaki by American drones – this may be the first time an English copy has been discovered. Experts are chiming in that this sharing of intelligence between different al-Qaeda factions from vast distances is the start of a more cohesive network that has widely been believed to be on the verge of collapse and isolationism.

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  • JonSmallwood

    #23 "Don't drone me bro!" I think a fair bit of drones have thermal so do all the hiding in trees, burning of tires, and lurking in shadows you want. Kiss your butt goodbye.

  • reaper06

    Gentlemen! I know a few of your Editors personally and want to tell all of you thanks. Great website and well needed. Wanted to share my thoughts on the whole drone issue. As a contract Reaper/Predator pilot I recently returned from a deployment where we supported several ops involving some of the Teams and as usual, their part was a resounding success. Its kind of hard personally to sit and watch the whole thing from a few hundred miles away (you know what I mean Travis). Even though we have comms with the guys, we tend not to say anything unless a life is threatened, but that doesn't make it easier to watch as they go about the things at which they are the best. I turned 60 last year and feel like these guys are my kids and as the “old man” want to take their place when they go in instead of them. I guess its a “Dad”thing. The frustrating part is when we sit overhead and watch other country's “elite” just botch up an operation and not only lose a couple of their own, but lose the hostage also. Even more disconcerning is that I can only share my frustration with the guy sitting next to me at the time. Its like watching the Giants (sorry, from New York) lose to the Patriots! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the website. Would have expected nothing less from those involved in its management. To all who go in harm's way, my thoughts and prayers are with you always.

  • Sonnys Mom

    No's 9-10-11... hiding in the shadows, lurking in the trees... bleepin' jihadi cowards!

  • Tango9

    4. Place skilled snipers to take out the low-flying reconnaissance drones.   This one was the best.  If you read the original AQ verbiage it said something like "they fly at 6000 feet" so you can shoot them.   LMAO.  as if.   Think they watched Shooter too many times.

  • Contagio

    @JHR It is hard to counter the propaganda especially when it is combined with "community" projects.....the Hizbos build schools, clinics and fix roads for example.  I believe that this is a tactic used by the cartels as well.  Let's not forget that some of the 19 SOBs learned to fly here as well.