March 19, 2013

War Stories: Insurgent Roadblock, Baghdad 2006

It had been a long day, a long mission.

Our mission had been conducted in the area of ________, just south of Baghdad. Small villages, open fields, palm plantations and small creek lines. The roads were a mix of MSR, ASR and even small dirt roads, which gave our busted-up sedan some troubles.

But now, on our way back to our compound located within the IZ, my team found itself back amongst the chaos of the city of Baghdad. Sirens, random gunfire, rundown neighborhoods and trash-filled streets. As our old model B6 armored Mercedes sedan rolled through the heavy afternoon traffic, it was hard not to notice just how destroyed and decayed this city was. Sanctions, the bombing campaign, and the daily effects of a full-blown insurgency/counter-insurgency war were sure as hell showing its effects on Iraq’s capital city.

We sat calm but alert within our armored chariot. We were dressed in our best locally purchased ‘haji shirts’ and sporting a variety of 70′s style moustaches and stylish haircuts. No shaved heads or shinny lens Oakleys on this team!

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  • Coriolis effect

    @bogman2121 Coriolis effect though so thanks

  • HunterGuy

    oldSquid dickftr Loved that movie!  Laughed my balls off reading that!

  • dickftr

    oldSquid dickftr coulda been Haji but I've seen lots of illegals wearing strange clothes ( rags). Agroup of 5 walked up to my camp ( happened  often ) , I would let them fill water jugs and give them cans of beans. This group of 5 , two wore new boots, jeans, shirts and backpacks. The only time I called the Border patrol. They caught them at a windmill 4 miles N of my camp.

  • oldSquid

    dickftr oh- and GREAT story! "Keep it tight." Priceless.

  • oldSquid

    dickftr Haji camo?