March 19, 2013

War Stories: Insurgent Roadblock, Baghdad 2006

It had been a long day, a long mission.

Our mission had been conducted in the area of ________, just south of Baghdad. Small villages, open fields, palm plantations and small creek lines. The roads were a mix of MSR, ASR and even small dirt roads, which gave our busted-up sedan some troubles.

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  • Coriolis effect

    @bogman2121 Coriolis effect though so thanks

  • HunterGuy

    oldSquid dickftr Loved that movie!  Laughed my balls off reading that!

  • dickftr

    oldSquid dickftr coulda been Haji but I've seen lots of illegals wearing strange clothes ( rags). Agroup of 5 walked up to my camp ( happened  often ) , I would let them fill water jugs and give them cans of beans. This group of 5 , two wore new boots, jeans, shirts and backpacks. The only time I called the Border patrol. They caught them at a windmill 4 miles N of my camp.

  • oldSquid

    dickftr oh- and GREAT story! "Keep it tight." Priceless.

  • oldSquid

    dickftr Haji camo?