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March 31, 2013

Jake McNiece And The Filthy Thirteen (Part 2)

After their arrival in Great Britain on September 15th, 1943, the 506th P.I.R began setting up billets in various parts of Southern England. Jake McNiece and his unit set up amongst the Regimental Headquarters and Service companies on the vast acreage of Sir Ernest Wills’ manor place. Wills was the cigarette magnate of Britain, and provided the many Quonset huts for these Americans, unaware of a certain squad that would unleash trouble over the coming months.

The 506th began training at once. Everything was as physical as could be made. Men ran exercises and courses so much they could count every thump of boot in their sleep. Just as wasted, and turning in each day with McNiece, were the rest of his squad, twelve men, many of whom would be transferred in and out all the way up to the departure for Normandy. There were valid reasons for most of these, but over the weeks, McNiece learned another method was in play.

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  • Kendoist4162

    Well done, Mike. Keep writing these. Who's up next?

  • CJCJ

    Mike, Thanks for sharing this incredible story. Well done. For "Dirty Dozen" fans, here's a portion of Lee Marvin's bio regarding his military service according to Wikipedia; "Marvin left school to enlist in the in August 1942, serving in the He was wounded in action during the, in the assault on, during which most of his company ("I" Company,, were killed. Marvin's wound (in the was from fire, which severed his He was awarded the and was given a medical discharge with the rank of in 1945 at Philadelphia." In an article published after his death, it was noted that the bullet that ripped into him first went through his wallet which he kept for the rest of his life.

  • Txazz

    Wartime, guess that was key but, Jake always got the job done if it was eating or fighting.  He practiced a lot.  lol  He and Blair “Paddy” Mayne would have made one doozy of a team.  Why is it we love these rogues.  Jake did find his niche in life and rolled on out with a productive and long life.  RIP Jake McNiece. Keep these bits of history coming Mike as I look forward to them.

  • engelbrad

    shagstar Hey Shag! Hope you had a happy Easter!

  • Minou_Demimonde

    Sometimes it takes a little bit of dirt and misbehavior to get the job done. Prooves that they have and incredible amount of creativity, a good deal of cockiness, and an incredible tenacity. Doesn't work well in the civilian world, as he discovered. But it can work well in wartime. On occasion...