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April 26, 2013

TF 160 SOAR Opened to Women

DoD announced 19 April that 6200 more jobs are being opened up to women. Included in the announcement are all TF 160 aircraft pilots and some maintenance and flight engineer positions. The latter also serve as door gunners.

Besides the close combat TF160 crew have been involved in (e.g. aircraft shoot-downs in Panama, Somalia and Afghanistan), what changes are being made to selection and where’s the test, analysis or data that women can complete it? Yes, I know women have been serving in this role on the conventional side. The SOF side is obviously different, otherwise why have a selection course? And then there are the numerous shoot-downs TF160 has had vs. conventional units.

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served over 20 years as an Infantry officer in Europe, the Middle East, Korea and Latin America. He has extensive experience in both light Infantry and mechanized warfare to include combat. He was selected to serve as a TAC at West Point and his final assignment was to the Infantry’s Battle Lab conducting research on tomorrow’s Infantry force. He concentrated in National Security at West Point, holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling & Leadership Development and is a graduate of the Combined Arms General Staff College. Born and raised in a tough section of New York City, Will lost his accent in the Army but kept the attitude. Read more from Will at

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  • skyjumper007

    psyne Chektor Don't forget about the riggers...they kind of put the "A" in ASD

  • psyne

    There is a "Surviving the cut" for the 160th SOAR(A)...

  • psyne

    The 160th SOAR(A) assessment is called "Green Platoon"...Green Platoon trains Soldiers in advanced methods of the five basic combat skills: first responder, land navigation, combatives, weapons and teamwork. They also go through an Escape and evasion exercise because depending on what your role is in the unit completing SERE C is a requirement...

  • psyne

    Chase as in jump after the platform...I understand about my usage of the phrase "ground element" my apologies...Airborne Service Detachment is their official name...

  • psyne

    MoFork Tango9In the 160th there is a small detachment that conduct Airborne FARP operations. This team primarily consists of ASD (Airborne Service Detachment) members; ammo and fuel handlers but a medic, a mechanic and a commo guy get attached to this team. The ASD are the guys that conduct rapid re-supply to the 160th birds in hostile environments and when HAR(High Altitude Refuel) aircrafts are not available. They air drop a platform(classified configuration) with fuel blivets, ammo, guns, rockets etc and chase after it, set it up with in a certain time and after resupply operations are complete they destroy the platform via incendiary or demo, move out to a predetermined area to get extracted by another bird. They also conduct wet wing operations and conduct joint airfield seizure operations with the 75th. While there are female fuelers and ammo handlers in the conventional Army the ASD mission is organic to the 160th and this detachment is not open to women because of the nature of the mission. A lot of people are unaware that the 160th has a ground element. The Airborne Service Detachment is the reason the 160th SOAR (A) is an Airborne unit. Read more: