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April 24, 2013

The Fear of IEDs in America!

With all of the hype and fear going around within the general public and media in regards to IEDs, I thought that I would shed a little light about this improvised weapon. In no way, shape, or form am I an expert in the field of IEDs, but I do hold a few certificates in demolition, one being “Master Demolition” (a Special Operations Demolition Course), and have had my share of IEDs, just as many service members, and lost a few good friends because of them.

Of course, the current events in Boston have sparked our interest in these explosive devices. Why wouldn’t they? They are hard to detect and counter.

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About the Author

is a former US Army Ranger who served his entire military career within the ranks of 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Nick's career took off when he became a sniper. During his time as a sniper, he earned the titles Sniper Team Leader, Master Sniper, and The Reaper.

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  • 576575

    As interesting as it is for some please choose some other place to shove it, you know I'm all ears when it comes to something interesting, then I instantly decide if it's something I can comment on or if i'll just nod and move on,but come on, ddon't use this awesome web site to ruin the mood of an article. Jeez

  • Captmrp

    Sir, Thank you for those. I really appreciate the links. Interesting you should bring up the term Broadswords. I found this written bt Nostradamus which I believe refers to Obama and His attack on America. I hope you find it interesting. "A Broadsword with twisted tongue  Will come to pillage the sanctuary of the gods:  To the heretics he will open the gate,  Thus stirring up the Church militant." The first line makes reference a militant individual who uses lies and deceit. Which is being used by the leader of these dark forces in our country by Obama as he implements the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood and exercises his agreements with Russia and China. The second and third lines he is talking about the resting places of faith in the world, including Israel and America. He has thrown open the gates to allow infiltrators and spies. He uses the term of Heretics when talking of Islam. He only considers Christianity a Church and limits the reference to such.

  • MR151

    Captmrp Thanks for that link. Also check out anything with Will Federer on YouTube, including about Islam. His are mostly short clips, kind of the Cliff Notes to Islam if you will that give much of the same info as Dr. Warner. Short, easily to follow videos that cover the history of this so-called "peaceful" religion. After all my time studying Islam I've yet to find one iota of "peaceful" in it. It's all about fighting and killing all who do not submit. Which means everyone at the edge of an arab broadsword. Or an AK today.  I could sum up Dr. Federer's 5 minutes on Islam here with one line from Christ. "You will know them by their fruits." He wasn't talking about Muslims specifically and that was 600 years before Mohammad, but He was referring to false teachers and false prophets overall who would come into the world. Everyone from 1st century false prophets to Mohammad to Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc. Check out other videos with him like "Swearing In On A Quran" and others in the right column there from One Minute Apologist. Is The Quran Historically Reliable? Several good videos from One Minute Apologist on the right there. They're actually longer than 1 minute, but the longest I've seen is a little over 5 minutes. Easily digestible.

  • Captmrp


  • Captmrp