May 12, 2013

Navy SEALs Charity Scam Update

Finally, someone did their homework on Graham Ware. The CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona (CBS 5 – KPHO TV) spoke to the parties involved and produced an excellent segment on the brandjacking scams that Ware has been using to make money off the backs of Navy SEALs.


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  • Patriot74

    Mr. Ware.  Time is running out for you.  Justice and karma are headed your way.  And what a blessed day that will be.

  • JuliaHugoRachel

    I just got through with a project in AZ and watched this channel for a few minutes every day. This team genuinely seems caring. I am glad this team at CBS 5 KPHO went the extra mile on this segment. I give them Kudos. There are so many bad names to call Ware, I would not know where to begin. However, seeing Mrs. Lee on TV saying that her lawyer had to draw up papers against Ware, makes me sick. Ware is costing folks like Lee Money with his fake scams. When you start looting from a fallen Navy SEALs mother, you've hit a new low. I thought we were done with Ware, looks like we need to pull together and write some letters.

  • JuliaHugoRachel

    MR151 If the AZ AG has this and other states press with their AG, it could become a Federal matter. Depending on the new Stolen Valor Act law.

  • JBAR

    Not sure if everyone has already looked it up, but here is a cached image of his website dishing out his bs. Hopefully the link is correct:

  • Txazz

    MR151TxazzDragoVentouxNo email - must go online to contact the AG's office (or call and follow-up with online contact).