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May 25, 2013

Battlefield America: Literary Reflux in 500 Words or Less, #3

Part 3 – The Marine Corps offers up sacrificial lambs to appease the gods

INFIL Rant: I know this is SOFREP and we try our best to keep things SOF related. But as you can see, my stream of articles under the banner of “Battlefield America” have been all over the place. I wonder how long they will let me continue this before they tell me to take my rambles elsewhere, but until that happens, we carry on.

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About the Author

is poised to publish the first book detailing experiences of Marine special operators in Afghanistan. And unlike career writers who drop into an outpost for a quick embed, Golembesky was there, as a member of Marine Special Operations Team 8222 during one of its hardest deployments. He plans to tell the team’s story through the words of the operators on the ground. The working title is “Level Zero Heroes.”

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  • Recon6

    Wingman ratt1niner   Copy That Wingman...6

  • Recon6

    Wingman ratt1niner   Copy That Wingman...6

  • Wingman

    I wouldn't characterize it as childish. These are men who have been killing people and people trying to kill them and their brothers while living under extreme duress. I don't think urinating on the enemy is a big deal. After all, they just killed them and no doubt have been inundated with all kinds of violence over a period of time. It is part and parcel of the warrior experience. If you want guys to do the govt's bidding, i.e. killing the enemy, they have to carry out some extreme activities.  If you want soldiers to kill, sometimes they have to cut loose and get their freak on.

  • Wingman

    ratt1niner  Really? Because during the Bush admin they convicted a low level pregnant woman for Abu Ghraib. It was chicken shit, they should have given her CO a slap on the wrist and nothing for her. She was doing what she was told. Who gives a shit about prisoners who have blown our people to bits. What happened to war being war? I have never heard of a Japanese getting spanked for eviscerating women and children or POW's.

  • Minou_Demimonde

    Michael Golembesky Minou_Demimonde Meh. Just stating reality. Red Green would be proud.