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May 26, 2013

A Team Effort – Part 3 (and last)

Overnight, the different listeners we had open were reporting data being sent by the crawler. We had mail files, several document and spreadsheets files, configuration files (host file, info stored on the registry of several machines, etc.) and a matrix map of how the computers were connected to each other or network architecture. It was a crude map, but it was invaluable to us if we decided to start moving inside the attacker’s network.

While Y kept an eye on the computers, D and I began checking the files sent. They were in Russian, or at least Cyrillic. That was to be expected, given where the team was operating. This also meant we needed someone who could translate this information for us.

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  • ThomasVictorio

    Good write up, Uri. Instructive.

  • Txazz

    Uri, you write this article and then a huge hacking storm hits - China and our weapons systems.  All of a sudden it's all over the news.

  • TKW406

    ufridman TKW406     LOL - I seem to get that response a lot from you!

  • ufridman

    TKW406 Can't confirm nor deny...

  • TKW406

    I'm seriously hoping that you & your team didn't give the client control of ALL the backdoor access you'd built.  Please tell me that you are able check in on these bad guys every now & then to see who they're trying to screw over now. Great story Uri!  Glad to see it on SOFREP.