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May 22, 2013

Hoodlums Howling Allahu Akbar Hack British Soldier to Death on Busy Street in London

Details still coming.  Headline has the key points.  Prime Minister Cameron cuts overseas meeting short to return home stated there are strong indications the attack was terror related.  Victim was not wearing a uniform but “Help for Heroes” T-shirt.  Muslim Council of Britain immediately condemned the attack.

My heart, as I’m sure most SOFREP reader’s hearts, reach out to the family.  One can’t help but notice the huge differences in the quick British government and Muslim community reaction to this barbaric attack.

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served over 20 years as an Infantry officer in Europe, the Middle East, Korea and Latin America. He has extensive experience in both light Infantry and mechanized warfare to include combat. He was selected to serve as a TAC at West Point and his final assignment was to the Infantry’s Battle Lab conducting research on tomorrow’s Infantry force. He concentrated in National Security at West Point, holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling & Leadership Development and is a graduate of the Combined Arms General Staff College. Born and raised in a tough section of New York City, Will lost his accent in the Army but kept the attitude. Read more from Will at

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  • Ishaan

    Julesy Ishaan Tango9 MR151 Txazz Yup, Damn ew is not only badass, but also 100% true.

  • Julesy

    Ishaan Tango9 MR151 Txazz Because is way funny

  • Ishaan

    Tango9 Ishaan MR151 Txazz  Of course. With the gun free zone sign outside my house, I can surely expect any self-respecting robber/murderer/rapist/psychopath to listen to his conscience and not use guns while invading my house. And the knives/hatchets/machettes/chainsaws that they will use to hack me to pieces is not a major concern, compared to keeping my home a gun free zone.

  • Tango9

    Ishaan MR151 Txazz Put a "Gun Free Zone" sign outside your home and you'll be perfectly safe.

  • Tango9

    Ventoux France has been having nightly Car Torch parties for years now.  Denmark recently had a spate of vehicle torchings and promptly ticketed the vehicle owners for parking violations... /facepalm.